Sunstar DF 120

Our direct flow collector Sunstar DF 120/6 is a stylish mega vacuum tube for a design-oriented facade solution. This vacuum tube collector captivates not only by its unusual size – its almost 3 m long and 120 mm big glass tubes combine efficiency and design at the same time.

Key data:

  • Tube diameter 120 mm
  • Fully evacuated collector with direct flow through
  • The stylish mega vacuum tube
  • The design collector for facades
  • Maximum performance (up to 889 kWh/m2 according to test)
  • The absorber can be adjusted to an optimised angle to the sun
  • High low light yields with fast reaction
  • Very high yields in cold environments (winter)
Specifications Sunstar DF120/6
High vacuum collector with direct flow through
Module Sunstar DF120/6
Type high vacuum tube, sealing by thermo compression RTEmagicC_spez_df120_02.gif
Certificate, performance test DIN 4757, prEN 12975,
test report No. C1391 (SPF)
Shape of absorber: flat
Number of tubes 6
Active absorber area 1.609 m²
Aperture area 1.684 m²
Gross area 2.446 m²
Length x width x height mm) 2,825 x 865 x 179 mm
Weight 55.0 kg
Pressure loss at 100 l/h flow 25 mbar
Liquid contents 1.7 l
Glass material High-grade boron silicate hard glass
Tube diameter 120 mm
Wall thickness 2.8 mm
Vacuum <10-5 mbar
Absorber material Copper
Coating Titanium-Nitrite-Oxide
Absorption coefficient > 95 %
Emission coefficient < 5 %
Tilt angle 0° to 90°
Test pressure 10 bar
Permissible pressure, max. 6 bar
Idle temperature, max., module 200 °C
Idle temperature, max., tube 139 °C
Connection Locking ring
Manifold Copper
Manifold casing Aluminium, extruded
Coating Burned-in varnish, black, RAL 9005
Insulation Mineral wool, laminated
Base support, side bars Aluminium