Germanstar DF 65

Germanstar DF 65 – Quality “Made in Germany”

The name Germanstar DF 65 stands also for very high quality and performance “Made in Germany”. The Germanstar DF 65 is made of direct flow vacuum tubes where each tube is directly flushed with the heat carrier medium. Therefore, these collectors can be used universally – horizontally or vertically, from 0 to 90 degree roofs to facades as well as in stand alone installations.

Key data:

  • Tube diameter 65mm
  • Direct flow full vacuum collector
  • For facades, flat roves, balcony balustrades
  • The absorber can be adjusted to an optimised angle to the sun
  • High low light yields with fast reaction
  • Very high yields in cold environments (winter)
Specifications Germanstar DF 65
High vacuum collector direct flow through
Type High vacuum tube, sealing by thermo compression germanstar_df_65_table
Certificate, performance test DIN 4757, pr EN12975, Solarkeymark 011-7S2224 R
Shape of absorber flat
Modules Germanstar DF 65/10 Germanstar
DF 65/20
Germanstar DF 65/30
Number of tubes 10 20 30
Absorber area 1.004 m² 2.007 m² 3.012 m²
Aperture area 1.071 m² 2.193 m² 3.214 m²
Gross area 1.538 m² 3.071 m² 4.613 m²
Length x width x height (mm) 2,050 x 750 x 125 mm 2,050 x 1,498 x 125 mm 2,050 x 2,250 x 125 mm
Weight (empty) 33.0 kg 63.5 kg 94.0 kg
Pressure loss at flow rate 100 l/h per m² 0.0028 bar 0.0082 bar 0.0325 bar
Liquid contents 1.6 l 3.035 l 4.5 l
Glass material High-grade boron silicate hard glass
Glass tube diameter 65 mm
Wall thickness 2.0 mm
Vacuum <10-5 mbar
Absorber material Copper
Coating Titanium-Nitrite-Oxide
Absorption coefficient > 95 %
Emission coefficient < 5 %
Tilt angle 0° to 90°
Test pressure 10 bar
Max. permissible operating pressure 6 bar
Max. idle temperature of module measured/calculated 147 °C/ 365 °C
Max. idle temperature of tube 369 °C
Connection of modules Locking ring
Manifold Copper, 22 mm
Manifold casing Aluminium, extrudet
Coating Powder coating, RAL 7016
Insulation Mineral wool, 115 kg/m³
Base support, side bars Aluminium