Kolektorių valdiklis LTDC

"Large" Temperature Difference Controller for complex systems

For 42 basic systems with additional functions for unused relays
VFS and RPS flow and pressure metering
Remote control and data logging via external data logger

It can be equipped with or without speed-control of standard pumps, high-efficiency pumps or both, just according to your needs.

LTDCDokumentacija. Atsisiųsti

• 6 sensor inputs for Pt1000 temperature sensors
• CAN-interface for SOREL Connect
• 3 relays and 2 PWM/0-10V outputs

6 PT1000 temperature sensors, e.g. TT/S2 + TH...
Optionally Grundfos VFS sensor for heat metering
Optionally Grundfos RPS sensor for pressure monitoring
Optionally SOREL global solar radiation sensor (GSR)


• for 42 basic systems with solar or solid fuel boiler with additional functions for unused relays
• Self-explanatory operation via 4 entry keys
• Multilingual full-text menu with help texts and graphic mode with animations
• High-contrast lighted display with 128x64 dots
• Function check and graphical system analysis with long-term memory for statistics about heat quantity and operating hours
• RTC Real Time Clock with >24h power reserve
• White housing RAL9003, protection class IP40, dimensions H 163mm W 110mm D 51mm
• Mounting hardware, spare fuse and user manual

Hydraulic systems ( skaityti daugiau ...)
Technical Features ( skaityti daugiau ...)
Technical Features
Temperature sensors Pt1000 6
Relay outputs 230V* 3
Outputs 0..10V or PWM signal for speed control of high-efficiency pumps 2
VFS/RPS sensors 2
Number of applications 42+
LEDs red/green for display of operating status 1
Simple heat metering Yes
Flow based heat metering (Grundfos VFS sensor) Yes
Pressure monitoring (Grundfos RPS sensor) Yes
Time and temperature-controlled thermostat function Yes
Battery-backed Real Time Clock Yes
Legionella protection via solar Yes
Legionella protection via additional heating Yes
Cooling function Yes
Setup wizard Yes
System protection Yes
Collector protection Yes
Storage protection Yes
Anti-freeze programs Yes
Recooling Yes
Start logic for vacuum tube collectors Yes
Control program for self-dumping systems (drain-back) Yes
Data storage with statistics and graphic analysis Yes
Error memory and analysis with date and time Yes
Menu blocker Yes
Ethernet connection (via data logger) Yes
*2 mechanichal relay (on/off) The previous versions LTDC-V1 to LTDC-V4 with different hardware equipment, e.g. without speedcontrol or with speed-control of standard pumps, remain available.