Germanstar HP 58

Germanstar HP 58 – Quality “Made in Germany”

Germanstar HP 58 – Full glass collector with heatpipe. The start into a vacuum tube system. This double glass tube collector is proven technology for the usage of solar energy. The “round absorber” reacts fast at day break and maintains a strong performance up to the end of the day.

Key data:

  • Tube diameter 58 mm
  • Double glass tube collector with “round absorber”
  • Nearly constant yields throughout the day
  • An intelligent alternative to the flat collector
  • Very good wind behaviour when installed on stands
Specifications Germanstar HP 58
Full glass collector with Heatpipe
Type Evacuated tube collector
with Heatpipe
Certificate, Performance test pr EN 12975-2
Ref. No.KT02_03 I
Shape of Absorber cylindric
Module Germanstar HP 58/20 Germanstar HP 58/30
Number of tubes 20 30
Absorber area 1.654 m² 2.481 m²
Aperture area 1.888 m² 2.833 m²
Gross area 2.919 m² 4.322 m²
Length x width x hight (mm) 2,050 x 1,452 x 165 2,050 x 2,152 x 165
Weight 68.0 kg 100.0 kg
Pressure loss at flow rate 100 l/h 13 mbar 19 mbar
Liquid contents 0.96 l 1.3 l
Glass material High-grade boron silicate hard glass
Glass tube diameter 58 mm
Wall thickness 1.5 mm
Vacuum ≥ 0,00001 mbar
Absorber material Glass selectively coated
Coating ALN
Absorption coefficient 92 % to 96 %
Emission coefficient 8 % to 12 %
Tilt angle 25° to 90°
Test pressure 9 bar
Max. permissible operating pressure 6 bar
Max. idle temperature of module 196 °C
Max. idle temperature if tube 210 °C
Connection of modules Locking ring
Manifold Copper
Manifold casing Aluminium, extruded
Coating Powder coating, RAL 7016
Insulation Mineral wool
Base support, side bars Aluminium